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Nevertales: Forgotten Pages CE is now available!

June 24, 2017


We proudly present the new sequel in the critically-acclaimed Nevertales series. This time, Nevertales: Forgotten Pages will take you to a string of worlds above and beyond ordinary imagination.

In the game, you play an investigative journalists by the name of Francis Chambers following a man who could be involved in huge criminal undertaking. Your search leads you to an abandoned building where you witnesses him apparently disappearing inside of elevator, as if by magic. You follow suit and soon end up in a strange world where a dangerous monster is on the loose and the locals recognize you as the one who can help. Without any other choice, you must resolve this mystery and find a way to both survive and return home.

Download the Nevertales: Forgotten Pages and try it out for free here!

Adam Wolfe is 85 % off both on Steam and on the App Store!

June 23, 2017


The summer is here and so is a huge Adam Wolfe discount! Enjoy the upcoming sunny days with a 85% discount on Adam Wolfe Complete Season both on Steam and on the App Store!

Adam Wolfe is now available in Windows Store!

June 08, 2017


Adam Wolfe, Mad Head Game's dark detective adventure is now available in Windows Store!
Begin your experience playing as Adam, a detective of the supernatural that has to solve the hardest case in his life and do whatever he can to save the person who means the world to him. Set out on an incredible journey through the supernatural underbelly of San Francisco, where the shadows move unseen and the streets whispers horrible secrets.
Download Adam Wolfe to your Windows computer right now!