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Starts with passion

If you love games, you know that they are unlike anything else in the world. That is why we began working - we wanted to catch that spark of magic and wonder that allows an idea to became a game. We’re still trying to catch it, but we made a few cool games on the way.

Built on solid foundations of ambition, friendship and talent in 2011, Mad Head Games quickly grew to become a true powerhouse of the HOPA scene. But our ambitions continue to grow.  

"Always ready to break new ground, we're about to reinvent ourselves yet again with our upcoming projects in genres beyond the casual space while retaining our high-standards and a desire to push the industry forward”.

Awards are nice, but the thing that makes us get up in the morning is our endless struggle to make games that are better and more engaging than the previous ones.

But, having said that, awards are still nice, so here’s a few we were lucky enough to acquire over the years.


Indie accelerator

If you and your friends want to make video games on your own but don't know what to do with them, we might be able to help.

With our help and guidance, you will be able to develop and publish your games on a global level. We're already working with several up-and-coming game development teams, brewing several cool projects.

If you want to join them with your games that are currently under construction, let's talk!

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