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We are unconventional, extremely fun to work with and definitely not for the faint-hearted.

Our mission is simple: we make games and we want them to be awesome.

To do that, we’re always in need of motivated, smart and talented individuals who will share our strive for progress.

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Become a Mad Head

We are starting a journey that will take us back to our hardcore gaming roots - we’re developing a brand new AA project and it’s only the start of a new chapter.

Thanks to that, we want you aboard our super awesome game dev rocket ship aimed for the stars.

Check out the available positions and find out if you can become a part of a fun and dynamic team that is going to make AAmazing things together.  


Current openings

Pagan Online / Other AAA projects



Do you know the Unreal Game Engine so good that you’re practically best friends? Does every logical and illogical element of the engine make perfect sense to you? In that case, we have a job offer that would allow you to work on future AAA game releases!


What will you do as a Mad Head?

  • Develop and design of gameplay and engine systems
  • Engage in code and blueprint reviewing as well as their optimization
  • Create engine tools that streamline the development process
  • Implement of artist-created content into gameplay systems and creating a rich player experience
  • Actively participate in team discussions, weekly stand-up meetings and sit-down reviews


It would be great to have the following:

  • Strong feel for gameplay aesthetics, game mechanic implementation and the overall impression a good game should make
  • 2 years' experience working with Unreal engine that makes you itching to keep going
  • Extensive knowledge in C++ and excellent math skills
  • Familiarity with lighting and shading techniques
  • Basic understanding of particle effect systems
  • Knowing your way around shader programming
  • Demonstrated knowledge and expertise in game development
  • Inclination to be precise, punctual, and to adhere to tight deadlines
  • Sense of adventure since you will be working and interacting with a variety of professionals including other programmers, artists, and level designers – on a daily basis
  • Sufficient knowledge of game design principles
  • Regularly acting as an effective problem-solver


In return, here’s what we can give:

  • A dynamic and extremely positive workplace like you`ve never seen before. NEVER.   
  • A chance to work on a very ambitious AAA title
  • An opportunity to use tools that are at or above the industry standard
  • More fun than you can take (or can you?)



Surprise us

In case we have not announced an open position tailored to your talents, we encourage you to persuade us why our team would be more complete with you!

Feel free to ask us at to join forces. We are willing to hear from you and welcome another Mad Head.