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SGA - Serbian Games Association

Serbian Games Association is a nonprofit NGO organization, with the goal of supporting growth of the video games sector in Serbia and enhancing its ability to compete globally. SGA wishes to foster the best possible conditions for creating video games in Serbia, improve the quality of Serbian games and develop the talent working in our country. Anyone with the interest in the Serbian games industry can become a member of SGA.

Mad Head Games

They are not called Mad Head Games for nothing. They`ve made dozens of casual HOPA games. They’ve grown, expanded and enjoyed such astounding success that they should be more than happy simply to rest on their laurels and toast their former glory. However, they are not content. Not even close. Having established themselves as one of the leading HOPA game developers, they are about to embark upon the thrilling adventure of developing their new projects and are boldly making headway into F2P markets. New projects represent their foray into different genres, but also their incessant pursuit of amazingness in video games. In their words, the Mad World is about to get even madder!


Nordeus was founded in 2010 and is an independent gaming studio best known for Top Eleven, the world's most successful mobile sports game with over 170 million downloads. Self-funded and with big ambitions, Nordeus has a fiercely independent mindset. They’re fuelled by their dream to create competitive games, and enable millions of people around the globe to be champions. Proud of where they are from, they are aiming to help put Belgrade on the global gaming map.


3Lateral gathers a multidisciplinary team well balanced between art and technology expertise, which brings to life non-fictional and fictional characters across digital experiences! We nourish continuous R&D that spans across all the areas our team explores - from 3D scanning, modelling, rigging and character design to engine integration, technology development and programming. 3Lateral team is well recognized for our digital humans that were integrated in multiple amazing AAA gaming projects (like Horizon Zero Dawn, Star Wars Battlefront II, Battlefield 1, GTA V or Batman: Arkham VR, etc.).


Bunker VFX

Bunker is a creative studio based in Belgrade, Serbia. Founded in 2015, Bunker is gathering a team of professionals who are in a constant pursuit for new expressions and excitements that evolves with visual experiences. Their work is primarily focused on the production of high-end cinematic trailers.


Microsoft Development Center Serbia – MDCS is founded in 2005, as the fourth development center of Microsoft on the global level. MDCS specializes in software engineering and applied mathematics and currently employs more than 200 highly qualified engineers. MDCS is created with a mission to take an active part in conception of novel Microsoft technologies by hiring unique local talent from Serbia and to contribute components to some of Microsoft’s premiere and most innovative products. MDCS is becoming widely recognized across Microsoft as a center of excellence for the Big Data and Machine Learning based solutions. The MDCS’ team consists of software engineers with solid industry experience and fresh college graduates with a common trait – hunger for achieving and making a substantial impact. MDCS teams are made of people who understand and support each other and work in the atmosphere where each and every one of them is presented with an opportunity to grow both professionally and personally. 

Games Revolted

Games Revolted is the creator of Phageborn TCG, a dark trading card game that brings a lot of novelty and entertainment into the genre.
The Alpha version of the game was awarded with “The best game of the show” and “The best visuals” at Reboot Infogamer 2017!
Their team consists of ten members at their Zagreb office and 15 freelancers from various parts of the world. Along with working on various smaller projects, Games Revolted is primarily focused on releasing the beta version of Phageborn TCG, which should see the light of  day in the second half of 2018.
Games Revolted is always open to new members, new adventures and new collaborations!


These people are gaming enthusiasts,  and among us, they also happen to have pretty good programming and design skills. Put the two together and you have COFA Games - a bunch of gamers united by the same goal and working under one roof. The goal is to create great multiplayer mobile games and spread fun to millions of players. Heck, they would develop a game for microwave ovens if they could.

Creative Europe - MEDIA desk Serbia

Creative Europe MEDIA Creative Europe is the European Commission's framework programme for support to the culture and media sectors. The MEDIA sub-programme of Creative Europe supports the EU film and audiovisual industries financially in the development, distribution and promotion of their work. It helps to launch projects with a European dimension and nurtures new technologies; it enables European films and audiovisual works including feature films, television drama, documentaries and new media including video games to find markets beyond national and European borders; it funds training and film development schemes. MEDIA Desk Serbia MEDIA desk Serbia is the implementation body of the MEDIA sub-programme established within the Film Center of Serbia. MEDIA Desk aims to provide support to representatives of the audiovisual and multimedia sector who wants to participate in MEDIA sub-programme. Through consultations, public events and educational and networking activities, MEDIA Desk supports representatives of audiovisual and multimedia sector which would like to participate in Creative Europe program.



Reboot is one of the biggest SE European media and events brand in the domain of games industry and gaming. His really small but extremely active team of veteran journalists is editing and publishing exceptionally successful and distinctive magazine for gaming culture "Reboot“. In cooperation with Zagreb Fair, Reboot is an organizer of one of the biggest European gaming shows, „Reboot InfoGamer“. Reboot Develop is the brand's convincingly the most ambitious project - it is one of the most unique, influential and high-end game developers and games industry conferences worldwide.



Belgrade Metropolitan University offers a mixture of excellent facilities and opportunities and welcomes students from all over the world. The University has a well-established reputation for innovative teaching, learning, and industry relevance. They have strong relationships with industry, their graduates are highly regarded and they are the most targeted university by recruiters. Their degree programs are up to date and informed by the needs of organisations, with guest speakers and conferences adding value to your learning experience. You will gain the required skill set and knowledge to help you achieve your career ambitions!