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Mad Head Games is now a Member of the Embracer Group!

November 18, 2020

Mad Head Games is thrilled to announce that the studio is now a part of the Embracer Group AB family, along with its owned subsidiary Saber Interactive. Thanks to their acquisition of 100 percent of the shares in Mad Head Games doo Novi Sad, the studio is now the first Embracer studio in Serbia and a member of the family of entertainment and game development companies. It presently includes THQ Nordic, Koch Media, Saber, and Gunfire Games, among others. The studio will continue to exist and operate under the same name, using its brand of creative expression, now with the backing of a strong partner in the domain of game development and publishing. Mad Head Games will continue to work on developing its own innovative and exciting projects. The acquisition will also allow for incredible opportunities in terms of expansion onto the global market of core video games. In terms of technology that Mad Head Games will use, the company will continue its journey towards becoming an Unreal core studio and a potential core leader of the SEE region. 

We can't wait to share our future games with all of you!


Pagan Online is becoming Pagan: Absent Gods!

August 14, 2020


Pagan Online was and remains a labor of love, made possible in many ways because of its dedicated community. The previous post-launch period showed that the multiplayer game is not sustainable. However, this is not the end! Instead, we decided to turn the game into a single-player title! This is why Pagan Online is transferring to us, switching off its multiplayer servers, and becoming a single-player on August 4. The game remains important to us which is why we decided to undergo this transformation. So, here is Pagan: Absent Gods! The single-player game will include all of the elements of Pagan Online, besides the multiplayer mode and its supporting servers. Read our official announcement for more details.

Mad Head Games is in Home Office Mode!

March 27, 2020

The entire world is presently united in its collective struggle against the COVID-19 pandemic. Mad Head Games was always a company dedicated to making great games, but also equally so to its team members and the wider community. That is why we are presently staying apart from one another in a bid to slow down the spreading of COVID-19 and working remotely as a team from our homes. In spite of the physical distance between us, we are determined to see this through as a company that has never been stronger. We wish, as individuals and a collective, to stay strong and persevere in the face of a common foe to all of us. In the meantime, we will continue to make amazing worlds and do our part in keeping our community safe!