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Mad Head Games reveals its latest project - Kingewitch!

March 18, 2017

Dungeon hack & slash combat meets innovative card crafting system in the action RPG Kingewitch!

We give you Kingewitch: a fantasy hack'n'slasher in the best tradition of the old school married to unique mechanics especially crafted for online play.

Mad Head Games has been developing the ambitious hack’n’slash for over a year, and should be released by the end of 2017.

Alpha version of Kingewitch was first revealed on Develop conference where it was awarded “Most perspective indie game” in 2016 by Unreal.

The game will be exclusively presented to the local audience at GameUp, an event dedicated to Serbian game development industry, hosted by Mad Head Games.

The gates to ancient realms await. Open them, and endeavor to survive the hostile hunting grounds of mythical deities, and slay everyone and everything you stumble upon!

Risk it all or lose everything in Cadenza: Fame, Theft, and Murder!

March 04, 2017


Step inside the new sequel to the Mad Head Games’ award-winning series Cadenza and experience the greatest theft imaginable!

In Cadenza: Fame, Theft, and Murder, you take the role of Mike Valance, a young rising music star in the early rock&roll age who has everything going for him. But then, suddenly, a simple song with take everything from you. Even worse, you are left in a body of an older, unknown man, no matter how implausible this might seem. With no one who believes you, you have only one goal - do everything possible to get your life back.

Download Cadenza: Fame, Theft, and Murder Collector Edition so you can risk it all or lose everything.

Apply for GameUp Indie Showcase!

February 23, 2017

GameUp is an event dedicated to the local game dev community, and is the forum for professionals to meet and present their games to the public. It was started to promote and empower the local game dev community. During its two previous releases, it hosted 30 indie studios, 10 lecturers and more than 1500 visitors.

Third edition of GameUp will be held on 18th March  at Dom Omladine in Belgrade.

The event will consist of Indie showcase, where more than  30 developers will present their games to the public and run for valuable awards; lectures held by top-notch professionals; art showcase and many more programs for the visitors.

Don’t miss the chance to present your game at the GameUp Indie Showcase and run for valuable awards! Apply now by following this link: