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Cadenza: The Following CE is Out!

October 01, 2019

Mad Head Games proudly present the newest sequel of the Cadenza series - The Following! In this dynamic and music-filled adventure, you will set out with a legendary rock band, the Velvet Whisper.
But, you will soon witness the adventure slide into a realm outside of the real world. Called only the Downbeat, it appears to be stitched from different places, but also carries immense dangers with it.
There, you will not only fight to stay alive but also face a seemingly impossible task: freeing the band from the Downbeat, a place where countless others have perished for good!

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Pagan Online Launch is here!

August 27, 2019

Sharpen your blades, reload your guns - Pagan Online launch is here! The game is available and the Pantheon is ready for all of your heroes. Inside, a 50-hour campaign, infinite loot and endless replayability are just some of the things that await the glorious tales you will write there. As the first core AAA game that the Mad Head Games created, Pagan Online is a bold and ambitious title. Now, after months of beta testing and creating a tightly-knitted community of passionate players, we are ready for the next giant leap. 

Get Pagan Online and immerse yourself in the next chapter of the action RPG genre. Get it now on Steam and Wargaming Store!

Pagan Online Devlog

August 19, 2019

Pagan Online is almost out, ready to change the world of action RPGs, but the road to this point was long, hard, and filled with awesome early access friends! When the game entered it’s first big end-development phase and became available to a selected group of players, we knew we’ll get some great feedback, but we never expected to meet so many incredible gamers. This is precisely why we kicked off our Pagan Online devlog. Through it, we tried to connect further with our players, allow them to see the faces behind the nicknames on our side, provide insight and make the game and its wider player ecosystem the best it can be.
If you haven’t seen any of the devlog episodes before, here’s a perfect chance to get up to speed! See you on Pagan Online launch day on August 27!