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Rediscover the Ancient in Dawn of Hope: Daughter of Thunder!

September 05, 2017


Sometime in the distant future, The City of Duskvale is under threat – not from any army or foe, but a mystical storm that ravages the land destroying both the technological marvels of the past and the homes of it’s hardworking citizens. You and your sister Lynn are forced to evacuate, but before you do Lynn is consumed by a strange power – the power of thunder.

You have to brave the storm, navigate through mysterious and mystical powers, uncover relics of the ancients and survive the intrigue of the Fae court – all in a quest to save your sister and not only escape your own plight...but decide the fate of the whole world.

Download Dawn of Hope: Daughter of Thunder and uncover a fantastic world littered with relics of the past, both ruins of skyscrapers and technological or even magical wonders.

Strike at the heart of darkness in Donna Brave: And the Strangler of Paris

August 25, 2017


In the first installment, follow Donna Brave, an intrepid investigator, as she searches high and low for a monster targeting the Parisian elites in Donna Brave And The Strangler of Paris.

Donna’s first case begins with a cryptic note from her uncle, inviting her to come to Paris and help him, even as an unstoppable monster is killing members of his social club one by one. To make matters worse, not only is Donna left to fend for herself immediately after arriving to Paris, but a mysterious assassin seems to be targeting her specifically. How will Donna ever overcome this combined natural and supernatural threat?

Download Donna Brave: And the Strangler of Paris and solve a mystery that baffled the Police and frightened the city’s elites.

Face the fears in Maze: Nightmare Realm CE!

August 10, 2017


Dare to step into a dark dreamscape, face a brand new batch of terrors, and brave new challenges in Maze: Nightmare Realm!

In Maze: Nightmare Realm, the player once again steps into the shoes of Christine Mack. Years after the uncanny events of Maze: Subject 360, Christine is asked by her brother-in-law to once again delve into the realm of nightmares, only this time not her own. Her nephew Timmy has slipped into a state of perpetual nightmares, and only Christine is savvy enough to embark on a voyage into his mind and help him to wakefulness and safety. Download it now!