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Pagan Online Gameplay Trailer is out!

December 17, 2018


Since revealing Pagan Online teaser trailer a couple of months back, we heard countless calls for actual gameplay footage. 

Today, we're happy to reveal that those calls have been answered! 

Check out this little taste of the action that will await you in this epic game we're developing together with Wargaming.  

Adam Wolfe is on the Steam Autumn Sale!

November 22, 2018


The leaves are hitting the ground in the Northen Hemipshere, but they are not the only ones - in the world of paranormal San Francisco, bodies and cases seem to be stacking up as well. Adam Wolfe, the detective of the supernatural, is the only chance to stop this. Will you join him on his strange, scary and dangerous joruney?

Adam Wolfe, our well-known supernatural detective mystery, is entering the Steam Autumn Sale! Get your copy with an 80-and-over percent discount and see if you can untangle all of the mysteries hidden deep in the paranormal nooks and corners of San Francisco. 

Pagan Online Teaser is Here!

November 08, 2018

We’re super excited to announce, along with our partners from Wargaming, the game we have been developing for years - Pagan Online! This title is an intense action RPG of pre-biblical proportions that pits players against hordes of savage enemies and ancient vengeful gods. The game aims to be a new take on hack-and-slash aRPGs, featuring challenging and fast-paced combat, powerful combatants, endless gear, and tons of gory glory.  In Pagan Online, players will battle through a demonic dystopia based on pre-Christian mythology in a game that is equal parts brutal, manic, and mystical. Catch the official reveal teaser for Pagan Online right here!

The game will launch on PC in 2019, and registration for pre-launch tests known as Trials is now open at!