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Beyond: The Fading Signal CE is out!

August 29, 2018

Out of the darkness of the universe, hidden deep behind the vivid colors of nebulas, comes the new installment of one of the most famous HOPA science fiction franchises - Beyond! Made in the best tradition of this series, the Beyond: The Fading Signal CE game will offer thrills and stars to all of its players. In the game, you step into the role of a young woman who gets a cryptic message. Immediately, she begins a search for her brother, who vanished when they were children. She follows an unusual signal and soon starts to experience strange things, as well as a persistent danger apparently from outer space. As she rushes onwards, she will learn the truth and find out that is not from the planet Earth. 

Try out Beyond: The Fading Signal CE and enjoy a space ride like no other!

Maze: Stolen Minds CE is out!

July 04, 2018

The next installment in the celebrated horror series by Mad Head Games! In the new sequel, you will be able to reach a realm where the border between sanity and utter madness becomes more blurred with each step you make. In Maze: Stolen Minds CE, you take up the role of Jane, a teacher unwillingly tangled in a flurry of danger and mystery. Through a twist of fate, or so it would appear, she arrives in the town of Gallaway. On the surface, it is completely usual place, but near the surface, forces jockey for power and influence gathered around a terrible and dark center. Soon after her arrival, Jane will be forced to find a way to escape its horrors and reveal its horrendous secrets. 

Try Maze: Stolen Minds CE and find out what lies on the other side of insanity!

Steam Summer Sale is here!

June 21, 2018

It is time to enjoy the summer warmth with an even hotter 80% or more discounts on our hidden object puzzle adventure like you`ve never played before, Adam Wolfe and bullet hell arcade shooter extravaganza Rocking Pilot. Grab them on Steam and start blasting!