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Donna Brave: And The Deathly Tree CE is out!

January 27, 2018

Mad Head Games is proud to present Donna Brave: And The Deathly Tree CE, the new game in the studio’s new mystery series! In this installment, mystery fans will have a chance to explore a magical version of our own world, and unravel another of Donna Brave’s mysteries.

Taking on the role of Donna Brave, famous investigator of the otherworldly, you find that your childhood friend Kathy is threatened by a monstrous, magical tree. As you unravel the mystery of who might have wanted to hurt Kathy and her family, you reveal a dark tale of romance and revenge, combatting the tree’s influence every step of the way.

Do you dare tackle Donna Brave’s next mystery, and tackle another nefarious monster? Try Donna Brave: And The Deathly Tree CE!

Cadenza: The Eternal Dance is out now!

January 12, 2018

 We proudly present Cadenza: The Eternal Dance, the new game in the studio’s famous musical series! With this sequel, all lovers of music and mystery will have a chance to explore a world unlike any other in the franchise so far. In the game, you take the role of a young man who witnesses an apparently impossible thing: the love of his life, along with her brother, is taken by an unknown figure. Moments later, they vanish as if they never existed. As you rush to figure out what happened, you will learn about a domain where powerful forces lie - at first, they come bringing incredible gifts but provide them at a horrendous cost.

Will you venture into this dangerous place and see what your fate holds? Get Cadenza: The Eternal Dance and find out where will the tune of your life take you!


Steam Winter sale begins on 21st December!

December 21, 2017

The Holiday Season is almost upon us and we have perfect gifts for you - Adam Wolfe adn Rocking Pilot are now on Steam Winter Sale!
 Get them with a huge jolly discount! Become the detective in Adam Wolfe, or hop in the chopper in Rocking Pilot!