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Learn more on mobile game development at Unity Lab!

May 15, 2015

Mad Head Games and Microsoft are hosting Unity Lab, workshop dedicated to Unity and game development that takes place on 20th May in Belgrade. We will be talking about the challenges and various approaches to mobile game development and much more!

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Mad Concept Art

Intensive Mad Concept Art Workshop

April 28, 2015

Join us at a free intensive concept art workshop on 15th May in Belgrade!  Do you like to draw, know Photoshop, and are interested in video games? Then you shouldn’t miss the chance to learn more on game art from Mad Head Games!

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We are the Mad Heads! Loud, funny and sometimes inappropriate. A bunch of talented crazies brought together by passion for making the best video games in the world. Because we love what we do, our pursuit for “better” remains the same all these years.

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How do we do it?

We start off by chanting and dancing around a big fire, until the Game Designer has a vision of the best game in the world. Then it is up to artists, animators and IT crowd to bring it to life, and enchant an army of fans. Not a single game has failed to do so.

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