The Making of Scars Above: Bringing Kate To Life

Dr Kate Ward is an astronaut & scientist, but she is no fighter!

Discover how her skillset directly influenced the design and flow of the game – and meet the actress who voiced her, the talented Erin Yvette.

The Making of Scars Above: The Art

Explore the creation behind the art of our action-adventure sci-fi title Scars Above!

Join our team as they take you through the thinking, mechanics, and execution of this challenging sci-fi third-person action-adventure shooter’s art, design, and environment.

The Alpha: An Apex of Aggression

“As soon as we finished our prototyping phase and implemented some basic systems like movement, shooting, and early stages of combat, I started thinking about how to teach the player a thing or two about the combat mechanics of Scars Above.

This is a story of how we approached the design of our first boss fight – The Alpha.”